Paypal Payments Universal Gateway

the actual core paypal gateway in blesta only accept the supported currencies in paypal, so if your country currency is not supported by paypal you cna't add paypal payement in your website .

This Paypal Payments Universal Gateway, allow you to use paypal in any currency available in your site, even if is not supported by paypal, Paypal Payments Universal Gateway make the Auto conversion to a supported currency set by you in the Paypal Payments Universal Gateway settings, when the client pay, in the callback, Paypal Payments Universal gateway catch the transaction info and mark it in your blesta system , and auto pay any invoice that is related to this transaction .

the Paypal Payments Universal work out of the boxe .


Version 3.3

  • Final Stable Release  .
  • Fix Auto Mark paid invoice,
  • Fix Adding Transaction info to Log Gateways
  • Add Multi-languages Support

Version 1.0.0

  • First Release - Open Source .

This Gateway is tested and certified  , no bugs at the moment .
as always the installtion steps is :

1 - download the file from your client area .
2 - upload the paypal_payments_universal folder inside components/gateways/nonmerchant directory .
3 - goto Settings > Payment Gateways , and install Paypal Payments Universal 

Blesta 3.6+
Current Version
— 3.0.0
First release
— 2017-01-08
Last Update
— 2017-01-08
— Blesta
— Php / Mysql