Plugin initially developed as an utility for admins to resend the welcome email to a given client , this will reduce the time to answer some tickets and give a easy way to the staff .

Often times services are manually entered into Blesta that are pre-existing, or staff opts not to send a welcome email at the time of service creation. Later, it may be necessary to send a welcome email to the client for a service for which no welcome email was originally sent.


Version 1.1.0

  • fix mis spelling in actions link  .

Version 1.0.0

  • initial release  .

This Plugin is tested and certified  , no bugs at the moment .
as always the installtion steps is :

1 - download the file from your client area .
2 - upload the resend_welcome_email folder inside plugin directory .
3 - goto plugins , and install Resend Welcome Email  Notes  .
4 - goto client profile , you will find anew link in the actions links  .
5 - enjoy the free content .

Blesta 3.3+
Current Version
— 1.2.0
First release
— 2015-09-22
Last Update
— 2017-10-16
— Blesta
— Php / Mysql
naja7host for the blesta plugin