Logicboxes Reloaded For Blesta

the module has some usefull feature not included in the core module :

- Totally Compatible with the new Whois Registrant Change Policy.

- Fix the missed ORDER-ID field in database for imported services .

- Added/Changed Public Function in the module

- getorderid : with it you can get the order-id of a Domain .

- UpdateOrderID : This is the magic Function to update database if no order-id is available .

- EditService : it was empty , now it Support the no_module use for local edit  .

- Added Child Name Service Tab (ADD -EDIT - DELETE ) - Just For client Side NOW -

- Rearranged Navs for whois Tab To be Justify .

- Add nav-bill to see the active Nav in contacts whois .

- RAA Verification Status -if not verified , resend Verification Button-

- Domain Status , Active , Lock , Suspended (with reason)


- Commands Tab: renew domain manually, restore domain, send Verifiaction Email, Resend Aprouval Registrant email change whois.

- Protect Privacy Option as config option

- DNS MANAGEMENT tab Settings

- Change EPP Code + Send it Via Email . (NOT YET COMPLETED)


- MOVE Domain To another Account . (NOT YET COMPLETED)

Current Version
— 2.3.2
First release
— 2018-02-11
Last Update
— 2018-03-02