Auto Backups with Cloud Storage


Auto Backups with Cloud Storage Plugin simplifies backups. when something goes wrong with an update, your server crashes or your hosting company goes bust – without good backups, you lose everything.  This plugin is a revolutionary backup system for Blesta, it has some features that is not exist in Blesta Core and either in other Competitors. the New Plugin is making backups in two sense, Database and Files, then they are send to cloud storages system :

Google Drive, 
Custom Local Folder,
Google Cloud Storage
Amazon S3 ,
Rackspace Cloud,

Openstack Swift,
Microsoft OneDrive,
Microsoft Azure,
Backblaze B2,

Some features :

- The backup System store the backup files and database in upload directory .
- The database backup is made with a native php function and not by the mysqldump command that a lot of hosting providers disable it for accounts .
- The backup system send files/database to configured remote cloud storages .
- Option to compress database backup in zip or not .
- Option to exclude tables from database .
- Option to exclude Folders from file backups.
- Retention set for Database & Files backups .
- Manually Delete Backup files.
- Manually Download Backups.

we have the intention to add this features after the first release :

 - Email Summary for the backup done
 - Option To restore Files, Database


This  plugin requiere the VIP (Gold) subscription .

Order Link

as always the installtion steps is :
1 - download the file from client area .
2 - upload the auto_backup folder inside plugin directory .
3 - goto plugins , and install Auto Backups with Cloud Storage .
4 - enjoy the content .

Blesta 4+ php 5.6
Current Version
— 1.0.2
First release
— 2018-07-04
Last Update
— 2018-07-04
— Blesta 4+