Latest News

  • Disable CSRF Protection

    a new plugin for blesta has been released, the plugin allow admins to set where page should not check the form token, this help admins to simplify the work, no need to enter ftp and edit config file.

    Disable CSRF Protection
  • Stats Plugin Released

    Statistics & Reports For BlestaStats is an advanced statistics gathering plugin, it give the staff the ability to know about their clients, services, products ... ect, the plugin now display the fallowing data : Clients (Overview Data) Top Clients Due Top Clients Credit Top ...

    Stats Plugin Released
  • New Modules released

    We excited to announe the release of three new modules .Logicboxes Gsuite : this BLESTA module can be used by Logicboxes resellers to start selling G Suite to their own customers.WHMphp : Using this module,the Master Reseller can automate the reseller account creationMembership Module : An ...

    New Modules released
  • Change Model Business

    From some weeks ago i have the idea to change Model Business of Blesta Addons, as the moment we offer free Opens source code or crypted files, also we offer paid addons licensed, and personally i hate the crypted files, i feel in love with open source, so i think to offer all my actual addons ...

    Change Model Business
  • Add Privacy to logicboxes Module

    Hello Blestars,in this tuto we will show you how to add privacy protection to Logicboxes module as Configurable Options.1 - First we need to add Configurable Options Group, let call it Protection ID2 - Create Configurable Options , type checkbox, with Client can Add and Edit, in label put what ...

    Add Privacy to logicboxes Module
  • Mass Plugins & Modules Update

    We have released a update for some plugins and modules in mass, the complete list is :1 - Multi Languages Plugin2 - Seo Tools & Sitemap generator Plugin3 - Late Fee Plugin4 - Observium ModuleThe update fixing some bug related to the cron via CLI .all plugins now require php 5.6 .

    Mass Plugins & Modules Update
  • Late Fee plugin for blesta updated to 1.3.0

    We have released a new update of our late fee plugin , the new update has some bug-fixes and improuvements.we have added the option to add the late fee amount to the same invoice .thanks for all reporters and our client's feedbacks.

    Late Fee plugin for blesta updated to 1.3.0
  • Observium Module Released

    We are excited to announce the release of one of the advanced module for blesta, is OBSERVIUM, with this module you can add port as a service and asign it to a client, the client can view the real time statistique and the overusage and the projected overusage, the click can also see the graph ...

    Observium Module Released
  • Late Fee plugin for blesta released

    We are excited to announce the release of late fee plugin, this plugin will give you the option to add a late fee for every past due invoice. the plugin is fully customizable from the admin dashboard , just configure it and let the plugin do the work for you, is out-of-the-box plugin, never ...

    Late Fee plugin for blesta released
  • OVh - Soyoustart - Kimsufi Servers management Module

    Blesta Addons is pleased to release OVH, SoYouStart and Kimsufi Provisioning module for Blesta. The module is easy to setup, and is linked with the API system. The Provisioning module provides an enhanced to control customer actions i.e. Server Reboot/Re-install/Recovery Mode, Enable/Disable ...

    OVh - Soyoustart - Kimsufi Servers management  Module