OVh - Soyoustart - Kimsufi Servers management Module

OVh - Soyoustart - Kimsufi Servers management  Module

Blesta Addons is pleased to release OVH, SoYouStart and Kimsufi Provisioning module for Blesta. The module is easy to setup, and is linked with the API system. The Provisioning module provides an enhanced to control customer actions i.e. Server Reboot/Re-install/Recovery Mode, Enable/Disable Ftp-Backup. The module allow your customers to use GUI to manage features such as Reboot, Re-install, Ftp-Backup, Usage History and more. Also you can show additional important information of your dedicated server such as Datacenter Allocated, Operating system Installed, Virtual Mac address Used, Connection Speed, Bandwidth Used and more from your client panel of Blesta. this module allow you to resell ovh, soyoustart and kimsufi servers

Client Area Feature

  • Basic server information display
  • FTP backup management
  • Allow/Deny feature per server
  • Interventions history
  • Tasks History
  • Control option like (Reboot, Reinstall OS, Netboot)
  • Track Re-Installation Progress

Supported Endpoints

  • OVH Europe
  • OVH North America

Supported Brands

  • OVH
  • Soyoustart
  • Kimsufi

More Info & Order Page

you can check the info and order page from this link .