Observium Module Released

Observium Module Released

We are excited to announce the release of one of the advanced module for blesta, is OBSERVIUM, with this module you can add port as a service and asign it to a client, the client can view the real time statistique and the overusage and the projected overusage, the click can also see the graph bandwith from X to X date . the admin also can see stats and graph for observium port, admin can also change the assigned port to the client and add a new one. Admin can set the bandwith calculation, either 95th or total bandwith, can set the price of the overusage bandwith witht a selected unit.

the module come with a helper plugin, is used to generated the overusage invoices in the ifrst of every month for the last month.

the module also come with thier own api wrapper for blesta, just upload the file to the HTML directory of observium.

- Module fully customisable from package section.
- Assign port to client.
- Clients/Admins can view real time usage, stats and ghraphs for a selected period.
- The helper plugin for observium is used to generate invoice for overusage.

Discussion thread located here

More info in product page

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