Unknown Payments Plugin

have you received a payment in bank , PayPal, money order or any other type without identify for wish account/service the payment was? Unknown Payments Plugin is another tool that help admins and sales team to centralize the payments . so it will give you the option to add it in Blesta, then when a client claim about this payment you can set it to his account with one click and it will be removed from unknown payments page.

you can save all unknown payments in Blesta, when a client claim about a payment was not in his transactions, you can easily search for it in the unknown payments page without the need to return to gateway or bank statement, is a perfect tools for billing department staff .

The  unknown payments plugin has it own table in database, so don't worry about transactions, transactions totals and stats .

Blesta +3.4
Current Version
— 1.1.0
First release
— 2018-08-24
Last Update
— 2018-08-24
— Blesta