How To configure OVH, SoYouStart and Kimsufi dedicated servers Module

Once OVH , SoYouStart and Kimsufi Dedicated server management module is installed, you need to confugure the module .

1 - From Settings  -> Modules,  go to manage

Ovh Module manage

2 - Add Account Info

Add Ovh Account

3 - Fill the info and add account

fill ovh acount info

4 - Edit the added account to verify the APP

edit ovh module account

5 - got to the url to validate and verify the APP

validate and verify ovh app

6 - add ovh account info and select unlimited in validity

validate the app

7 - once validate you will be redirected to the module page, and you should see a validated message in the form .


So finnaly you have well validated the account/App in your blesta system .

IF you want to add more accounts, you need to repeat the steps again for each account .



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